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Dolisys, the modern, automated and sophisticated platform, instantly offers Dolibarr ERP & CRM Software, developed to meet the complex demands of micro, small and medium-sized businesses. From agencies to startups, from stores to medical practices, we offer a comprehensive range of functionalities to ensure that all areas of your business are managed efficiently.


On a single platform, you can centralize all of your company's essential processes and information: invoicing, stock, purchases, sales, payments, receipts, collection, delivery, intervention, manufacturing, banking, cash, salaries, vacations, schedules, tasks, accounting, online store, and much more.


Manage your cash flow with effective income and expense management.

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Customize your invoice template and create your invoice in seconds.

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Commercial Management

Attract more customers and sell more with efficient and super-productive resources.
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Avoid headaches and save time

Manage your cash flow with effective income and expense management. Keep track of bank movements, turnover and detailed statistics.

Bank reconciliation.

Cash flow forecasting.

Alerts of your unpaid debts and email reminders.


Customize your invoice template and gain credibility

Edit your quotes in less than 30 seconds and convert them into invoices in just one click. You can opt for online billing (stripe, paypal…) to speed up the receipt of funds.

Online payment of invoices and quotes.

Sending the invoice by e-mail directly from the system.

Predefined e-mail templates for you to fill in automatically.


Attract more customers and increase your liquidity.

The ideal tool for managing your business opportunities, offers, clients and potential clients with peace of mind and promoting growth in your turnover.
Easy integrated management of customer portfolios, sales, products and services, commercial proposals, invoicing and payments.

Customer management, quotations, orders and sales.

Contract and subscription management.

Mailling and after-sales service (tickets).


The system that accompanies the growth of your business and guarantees its sustainability and profitability.

Learn about some of the main features:

Human Resources

Automate HR management processes, better control personnel expenses, easily manage vacation requests and the timesheet.

Stock management

Control your warehouses and product stocks, product manufacturing, stock values. Managing the receipt and delivery of products.


Accounting processing in just one click. Easy parameterization of accounting and financial reports.

After-sales service

Manage your after-sales service in a simple and collaborative way. Create, share and comment on tickets for better customer service.

Point of Sale Terminal (POS)

A point-of-sale (POS) interface for traditional stores as well as bars and restaurants. All the features you need to manage a point of sale with one or more POS terminals.

CMS and E-commerce

Easy integration with your online store (PrestaShop and WooCommerce). Possibility of creating a website and customer portal.

Project Management

Management of various projects and project teams. Keep track of the time spent on each task and the overview of project-related items.


A built-in agenda, just like any ordinary calendar, enhanced with features dedicated to your ERP and CRM system (links to your customers, employees, projects, invoices, etc.).

Contracts and Signatures

Manage customer contracts and subscriptions. suppliers. Controls recurring subscription invoices automatically.

Electronic document management

At the heart of your company’s digital transformation, the GED module allows you to classify, view, search, consult and manage access rights to your digital documents.


Exceptional feature for managing shipments and deliveries of customer orders. It allows you to efficiently and quickly track and list orders and the quantity to be sent or delivered to the customer.

Customer Portal

Customers can log in to their accounts and consult invoices, orders, contracts and send requests or complaints for you to deal with.


The system supports 40 different languages and can automatically issue or generate commercial documents in a customized language according to the customer’s, employee’s or partner’s registration.


Multi-user system, with various levels of permission for each resource, feature and module.


Create intervention records to track interventions that need to be carried out or have already been carried out. Turn your interventions into invoices for customers.

Easily connect to the most popular online payment and e-commerce resources!

The DoliSys ERP & CRM platform makes it possible to extend and integrate with various other solutions in a powerful way for your business.

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What users say about the Dolibarr ERP&CRM System


Integrated modules for orders and shipments. We are in the food business, so the batch number and expiration date of our products are essential. Dolibarr ERP & CRM has good support for this.


Managing director, Thailand, Food and beverage


We started using Dolibarr ERP & CRM more than 5 years ago! It’s easy to use and my employees use it for all our activities. The thing I like most about Dolibarr ERP & CRM is how easy it is to use! We can use it completely from day one.

Mohamed Amine

Founder, Morocco, Services and IT


Dolibarr is the center of my administrative process: proposal, invoice, delivery, etc. Dolibarr is highly customizable to suit all workflows and use cases.


Owner, France, Photography, Freelance professional


… I was able to directly link expenses to projects in order to promptly recognize whether what clients are being charged is in line with the expenses incurred by the company for the project… it really offers a complete solution for my business (sewing), as it helps to track the entire business process.


Tailor, USA, Clothing and fashion, Freelance professional


Great ERP tools. Product management Customer management Supplier management Billing and invoicing Dispatch management.


Valentin Director, Romania, Services and IT


Dolibarr ERP & CRM to manage finances and accounts. Very easy to configure, import, export master data such as materials, suppliers, customers, etc, …it’s covered in a sophisticated way… Authorizations, checks and user control are available.


Assistant Manasger Finance, Pakistan, Clothing and fashion, 10,000+ employees


The amount of flexibility on this platform is enormous. … that’s all a start-up needs. I’m using the CRM and billing module … My accountant has her own login to view and download all supplier and customer invoices.


Freelance webdesigner & marketeer, Belgium


Dolibarr is a very easy-to-use app with lots of plugins for managing leads, proposals and donations. I was looking for a new app because I was using another app, but Dolibarr is easy… it’s very simple. The app is really powerful and has a lot of features.


CEO, Chad, Services and IT

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Perfect for Start-Up Businesses that need high-level targets to run their operations efficiently.

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Perfect for large companies that need high-level targets to run their operations efficiently.

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What are the advantages of DoliSys?
DoliSys is a PaaS platform for offering the Dolibarr system – ERP & CRM (Enterprise Resource Planning & Custom Relationship) which is modular and has centralized functional management in a single system that can be extremely beneficial for the profitability of your company. The advantages are numerous. On one hand, Dolibarr on the DoliSys platform does not require ANY INSTALLATION on your machine (computer or server), this not only will save the complexity of the software installation procedures, but also the hardware infrastructure (servers, UPS, Router, etc.) that this type of solution requires. On the other hand, with this solution you are free from all maintenance costs, energy, replacement of defective equipment, technical human resources, etc., which makes your business more sustainable. In addition to saving money, avoiding headaches and worries with this type of issue. You gain more opportunity and time to take care of your business and earn more money. Thus, the DoliSys platform delivers Dolibarr ERP & CRM in PaaS mode (Platform as a Service) allowing you to manage your business from anywhere and from any terminal connected to the Internet. Therefore, DoliSys offers you more peace of mind and more opportunity to increase your business volume.
Who uses the DoliSys platform?
Due to the modularity of the Dolibarr ERP&CRM system (with hundreds of different modules), and the scalability, performance, and security of our platform, DoliSys meets the needs of any type of business and of any size. Thus, in the universe of our clients are included freelancers, SMEs… and from various sectors/activities: service, commerce, retailer, wholesaler, industry, medical office, etc.
Do I have total control of the platform and my information?
Absolutely! You have 100% control of the instance where your system is installed. Your instance is controlled by you and you have total control of all the information and all the data of your business. The application and the database are controlled by you. You have in your instance all the resources: a remote SSH access, sFTP and database (MariaDB), with freedom to save and restore the system as you understand. And being able to transfer it to another local server or in the cloud at any time. In summary, you have the freedom to decide when, how and where to host your system, without prejudice to the continuity of your business.
Is the disk space provided by the plans sufficient?
DoliSys is a highly optimized and eco-friendly platform. Therefore, it does not require much space to operate, for example, 4GB of space allows you to generate and store more than 80,000 standard invoices. However, you can request an upgrade of space at a cost starting from 1 euro per Gigabyte.
Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
The subscription is monthly and payment is in advance. And you can cancel your subscription whenever you see fit, without any penalties or cost to your business. Our team will assist you, if necessary, in transferring the system (the application and the database), ensuring the continuity of your business and the integrity of your data.
How can I request support?
The support service via ticket or email is included for all subscription plans. To request support, log in to your customer area: https://myaccount.dolisys.com in the Other – Support menu, or by email: sol@dolisys.com. Support is available during business hours, Monday to Friday, although tickets classified as critical are processed exceptionally outside of these hours, so do not hesitate to send your tickets at any time. Our service team is ready to handle all support requests. Plans that include “Priority Service” enjoy priority in technical and functional support, except for the ticket classified as critical, where maximum priority is given in any case.
Do I need training to be able to use the system?
Dolibarr on the DoliSys platform is extremely simple and intuitive and in most cases does not require initial training. However, we have free courses from basic to advanced level, which are made available exclusively to our customers. In addition, we provide live events and webinars that are held periodically, especially when new updates and new features are released.
What are the payment methods for my subscription?
The default payment method is through credit card via Stripe. However, we accept payments via Paypal, bank transfer, and Western Union. If you decide to opt for one of these, do not hesitate to contact us in the customer area or by email: sol@dolisys.com.
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