Agenda module

A built-in calendar, just like any ordinary calendar, enhanced with features
dedicated to your ERP and CRM system (with links to your customers, employees, projects, invoices, …)

Manually create events in the past or future

Record your events in the built-in agenda: Previous events for tracking purposes or Future events for reminder purposes. Assign events to a client / contact, project and/or employees.

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If the Resources module is activated, you can also assign resources to your event, for example to track which room is occupied, which car has been rented or which video projector has been booked and by whom and for whom it has been booked.

Configuration module to define the events that need to be logged automatically

Using the Calendar module configuration, you can decide to automatically log events related to any business action that takes place in the application (for example, tracking your order, proposal or invoice status change, tracking new customer creation or deletion, …).

See the events in different views of the agenda

View and search for events using filters to view only the events you are interested in (by employee, client, project, status or type).

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If necessary, you can include in the calendar display any events that are recorded in an external calendar (in read-only mode using ical/ics import). Or export your events to any external calendar via the ical/ics export link.

You can opt for different rendering views to review your events (view by day, by week, by month, by collaborator or the simple list). For example, the “by month” or “by week” view is interesting for showing previous or future events, while the “by employee” view is excellent for knowing which employee is busy or free to find the best time to create a new meeting request.

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