Commercial Management Modules

Commercial management combines and integrates several modules available in MentorSiG, namely: Customer Management, Opportunity Management, Proposal Management, Sales Order Management, Contract/Signature Management, Helpdesk/Tickets, Product/Service Management, Purchasing/Supply Management, Shipment Management, Manufacturing Management, Invoice and Payment Management and Document Management and more.

The power of MentorSiG lies in the integration of different modules, allowing you to easily manage your company or organization.

“The main objectives of Commercial Management are to increase the company’s productivity, increase the quality of the products or services offered and strengthen the organization’s competitiveness in the market.”

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Some of the functionalities available in the Commercial Management module:

Complete management of commercial proposals or quotes, invoices and other commercial processes and documents.

Complete management of customer orders and supplier orders.

Generation of delivery notes.

External user manager to view your exclusive information (for example, the perfect tool for giving access to customers and saving time).

Workflow between orders and quotes.

Order tracking.

Management of customer support tickets.

Management of commercial proposals, orders (customers and suppliers).

Statistics on quotes and orders (customers and suppliers).

Contract management.

Regular customer service checks.

Management of interventions or work reports.

And much more… Schedule your demonstration now.

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