Easy Product and Service Management

See how simple it can be to manage your catalog of products and services and their prices and margins.

Manage catalog of products and services

The Dolibarr ERP&CRM system in MentorSIG streamlines the process of creating and updating your product or service catalog. You can reuse catalogs and all the other resources available in the system with just one click (proposals/quotes, orders, invoices and stocks). Generate a sale or purchase status.

A lot of native data can be defined in the product and service sheet, such as sales prices, tax rate, duration or size, cost price, accounts, accounting, stock, notes or add your own custom fields. . . Describe your products or services in any language of your choice. All the data can be reused in other modules, saving a lot of time.

Attach all files (photos, images, PDF notices, documents, …) to your products.

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Clone products and services to create new ones in just a few clicks or reuse the Variant feature to generate variant products (similar products with a different color or size, for example).

Manage your sale and purchase prices

Set your selling and/or buying prices and keep a record of all your changes. Set your prices by customer segment, by quantity or by customer.

Track the performance of your products or services

Filter the product catalog on any property of your choice.

Predefined and dynamic statistical reports allow you to view graphs, charts and tables showing the number and quantity of products and services offered in proposals, orders and/or invoices.


If you use the purchasing features, the margins module can help you review the financial data and margins for each product or service.

And much more.

Virtual kit/products

Define virtual products with quantities of by-products, so that when the stock of your virtual product is modified, the stock of by-products will also be modified automatically.

Product variants

If you want to sell variants of a product (for example, a dress can be pink or blue, size S or XL, etc.), use the variant editor to create your product variants quickly and easily.

Stock, batch and serial management

The system allows you to choose how the system should manage your stock automatically. Decide at product level whether you need to follow serial or batch numbers using the stock module and let the system calculate the weighted average price.

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