Efficient and agile delivery management

Exceptional feature for managing shipments and deliveries of customer orders.

The Dolibarr ERP&CRM system in MentorSIG, through the Shipping module, allows you to efficiently and quickly track orders, order lists and quantities to be sent or delivered to the customer.

The system allows you to create your shipments in just one click on any order. Compare the quantity sent with the quantity to be sent.

Set the planned delivery date for each shipment so you can process them by priority or follow overdue shipments. If you need more information about your shipment, you can configure the application to manage any other custom fields you need.

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When you create a new separation sheet, weight or volume of your items, stock can be calculated automatically from predefined or manually defined product data.

Your stock is automatically updated when you make a new shipment or delivery. And the recording of your stock movement is directly linked to the shipment.

Easily track your shipment with a direct link to the automatically populated carrier tracking tool.

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