Manufacturing Module

Nomenclature and planning of material resources

BOMs (material nomenclatures)

Create your nomenclatures (BOMs) to define how to consume raw products or services to produce manufactured products (quantity to consume, efficiency, impact on stock, …).

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Manufacturing orders

Reuse the predefined BOMs to generate your manufacturing orders.
Produce your manufacturing order in one or several steps.
If the stock of the product produced is being increased and the stock of raw materials consumed is decreasing automatically, you can get a view of all these changes in your history.
The system will calculate the virtual stock in real time, taking into account all open Manufacturing Orders.

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Batch and series management

If necessary, you can activate the Batch/Serial number feature. Products set to be administered in batches will require a batch number to be manufactured.

Track your production by batches and get details of stock movements for a given batch at any time, from the production process to the customer’s delivery. Export your Manufacturing Orders with the export module and reuse them with external tools or connect your BI suite directly to the open database for Big Data analysis.

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