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DoliSys Platform - Dolibarr ERP&CRM

Fast, low-cost deployment, allowing you to manage your business from anywhere, at any time.

Helpdesk & Training

We offer 24/7 user support and training for the full use of Dolibarr

Server Hosting

Web hosting services on shared, dedicated and cloud servers.

Installation & Configuration

Dolibarr ERP&CRM installation and configuration services on client or dedicated servers (web or local).


We improve, adapt and add new tailor-made functionalities to the Dolibarr ERP&CRM System.

Domain registration

Internet domain registrations.


Dolibarr ERP&CRM is an Open Source solution, offered in SaaS form or in On-Premise mode (on the client’s server). We offer cloud infrastructure and first-rate support so that you can run your business sustainably and profitably.
Our SaaS solution gives you instant access to a system ready to test and work with just one click. You’ll get a system with regular updates, no infrastructure to manage (considerably reducing the costs of deploying and maintaining the system), guaranteed backup, training and free support.
You have full control of the system and can transfer it to another server or provider at any time.
You have the freedom to decide when, how and where to host your system, without jeopardizing the continuity of your business.

Advantages of the DoliSys ERP&CRM solution in the cloud

An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is a set of functional management applications centralized in a single system that can be extremely beneficial to a company’s profitability.

The advantages of an ERP&CRM system in the cloud are numerous, here are a few:

On the one hand, the ERP system in the cloud does not require ANY INSTALLATION on your machine, which will not only save you the complexity of the software installation procedures, but also the hardware infrastructure (servers, UPS, Router, etc.) that this type of solution requires. On the other hand, this solution relieves you of all maintenance costs, replacement of defective equipment, technical human resources, etc.

The DoliSys SaaS (Software as a Service) platform allows you to manage your business from anywhere and from any terminal connected to the Internet (via a web browser).

We will offer the DoliSys On-premise option if you want the system to be deployed locally in your company or organization.

Contact us

We’ll work together to get to know your business requirements and rules. We will then present a technical and financial proposal for implementing Dolibarr on your local server or in the private cloud.


Our project manager will work closely with your company to ensure that the implementation takes place within the agreed timetable and respects all the predefined requirements.

Support and Maintenance

We will work together to offer the necessary support to your team, guaranteeing the maintenance and updating of the system.


We will provide ongoing training for your team members to make full and effective use of the system.

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