Personnel module

The Personnel module integrates personnel management and system user management. It allows you to manage users, user groups and permissions.

Create user accounts for your employees (internal users) and/or your customers, suppliers or partners (external users). Creating an account for your employees will allow them to access data in the system and interact with all the system’s resources, such as third parties, business documents and other applicable modules according to the access control permissions that have been defined.

Creating a user only requires registering a name, a login name and a password. Many other options and data can be defined, such as job title, gender, grades, attaching external files, addresses, etc. You can also define a user color, which allows you to easily identify user events in the calendar module.

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Define the hierarchy of your employees

The system allows you to define the hierarchy of your employees, so that when filling in leave requests, expense reports and other modules, the employee’s supervisor will be notified to validate the request.

Set an hourly rate for each of your employees

Set an hourly rate for each employee, so that if they use the timesheet feature, the time spent will be converted into an amount in your defined currency. If you use the Project module, you can see the cost applicable to the time spent by your employees as part of the profitability of your projects.

Set up an employee e-mail and a corporate e-mail signature

Registering an e-mail address in the employee’s record will allow them to send e-mails from within the system. Your signature will be displayed in each e-mail you send.

Set permissions for your users or groups

You can prevent users from accessing certain system resources and confidential data by setting the appropriate permissions.

Leave requests, expense notes and timesheets

Depending on which modules are enabled and which permissions have been assigned, employees will have the ability to create license requests, expense notes… Leave requests and expense notes will have to be approved by the employee’s supervisor, who will be notified by e-mail when a leave request or expense note is submitted.

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