Point of Sale (POS) module

MentorSiG POS, the latest generation of point-of-sale system, to record orders or payments in your store, bar or restaurant.

A touchscreen POS

MentorSiG provides a POS (Point of Sale) interface for traditional stores as well as bars and restaurants. All the features you need to manage a Point of Sale with one or more POS terminals.

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Specific features for bars and restaurants

Define your floors, rooms and tables in a drag-and-drop interface. You can assign orders and invoices to any table.

Display a QRCode in your bar or restaurant so that your customers can access the interface set up for contactless self-ordering.

This feature called “Automatic Ordering” allows you to display a QRCode in your store, bar or restaurant so that each customer, by scanning the QR code, can access the simple application and place the order themselves.

Automatic stock position update

You can configure the system to automatically reduce your stock when an order is processed, so that it is always up to date in real time.

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