Project Management Module

Project Management, Tasks and Opportunities.

Projects and tasks are useful for tracking leads, opportunities and time sheets. Monitor how much revenue your projects are bringing to your company or organization and the various statistics.

Create projects, leads or opportunities

Use the Project module according to your needs. Track Leads, Opportunities, Internal, Customer or Supplier or Partner Projects.
Add the predefined fields of your choice to make the data more manageable, complete and as accurate as you need it to be.

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Define who can view or edit the project

Make the project public or select employees and/or partners who can participate in the project. Employees will be able to enter the time spent if you decide to use the timesheet feature.

Create tasks

If you need to track dedicated tasks, map them to your projects. You can set properties on your tasks such as the planned workload and assign it to a specific employee.

You can also create subtasks and have a hierarchy of tasks.

Record time spent on projects/tasks

If you decide to use projects to track time spent, then you can allow each user to declare their time on a daily basis with a dedicated interface, or on a monthly basis with a dedicated interface, or weekly with a dedicated interface, or monthly with the same monthly interface.

Enter the estimated progress for your tasks so that progress is always captured and compared with the time spent.

If an hourly rate is set in the employee account, the cost for the time spent will also be calculated automatically and reported.

Follow your project or tasks

If you use opportunities, you’ll get the potential turnover of your leads instantly, weighted with probability, to get a calculated (estimated) future turnover.

If you decide to use tasks, monitor your progress and compare it with what you initially planned. You can review the plan in Gantt view.

Project Overview

Projects provide an overview guide and display a lot of information about projects and linked elements in the system, such as proposals, invoices, orders, etc.

All this data makes it possible to determine the gains and losses resulting from the project, as well as the results and impact of the project.

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