Stock and Warehouse Management

Simplify the process and tasks of stock and warehouse management. Use modern features where you can add support for batches or serial numbers.


The Dolibarr ERP&CRM system in MentorSIG gives you the resources and tools to organize your warehouses and stock. Control product storage and track stock based on product reference, warehouse, date and/or batch/serial number.

The system gives you an up-to-date view of your stock using the weighted average price calculation or the standard calculation.

Track the status of your open invoices

Possibility to list and view all your orders. You can define what information you want to see in the listings, filtering and sorting based on any criteria.
With the batch feature, you will be reminded of all your unpaid invoices.

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Stock movements

Record your stock movements manually and/or configure the system to increase or decrease your stock automatically (on invoice, order, or delivery/shipment validation).

Recover any stock movement in your register.

Automatic virtual stock and easy replenishment process

Take your stock workflow configuration into account to always display real or virtual stock (i.e. stock position after all your customer or supplier orders have been sent).

Use your real and virtual stock to refuel in just a few clicks.

Make changes, inventory or mass transfer stock in a single step

Use the share transfer page to register several share transfers in one transaction .

Define a desired quantity for each product so that the replenishment tool is able to generate supplier orders automatically and restore stock. Find out more in the Purchasing/Provisioning module.

Batch and serial management

If necessary, you can use serial/batch number management. Products set to be administered in batches will require a batch number for tracking. You can also set properties for your batch, such as expiration date or expiration date.

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